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Deduct the purchase of an (e-)bike and its accessories

Tax audit risk

Easiness to justify
Average amount deducted€ 2500 per year
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Dreaming of an electric bike? Now’s the time to go for it, because, as a self-employed professional, it will probably be deductible, both for your income tax and your VAT.

It’s a double win: not only do you deduct it, but you also save time, which you can then devote to your work or your private life ✨.

Your bike, which you use to travel to your customers, suppliers, and partners, is deductible.

The purchase of such a bike will be deductible, whether it’s electric or not, second-hand or not, from a well-known brand (hello Cowboy 🤠, hello Canyon 🏔) or not. Good news, then.

In truth, the only thing that matters to justify the deductibility of your bicycle or war machine, is that you’ll need to prove that you’re using it to get to your client’s site, your suppliers, or partners: journeys between your home and your office are NOT deductible.

However, this justification is usually quite straightforward and will be easily heard in the event of a tax audit.

Don’t forget to depreciate the purchase over the life of your bike

Hopefully, you will keep your bike for several years.

The Belgian tax authorities therefore ask you to spread the deduction over several years, generally 3 years in the case of a bicycle.

All the accessories for your bike are also deductible.

Not only is the purchase deductible, but you will be able to deduct all the costs relative to your bike: your maintenance (sometimes very expensive), all the parts, your lighting (necessary in winter), your helmet (necessary all the time), cleaning materials, and also the interest on your leasing where applicable.

Note that cycling clothes (trousers and rain jacket) are deductible for the same purpose as your bike (because they are accessories to your bike)! This is not the case for street clothes.

What about a second bike?

Once they’ve got their bike, many bike owners dream only of their next ride (touché 😉).

If you want to deduct a second bike, it’s possible. Still, you’ll need to prove a significantly different use (for example, long journeys vs. short journeys) and in all cases, always show that the journeys are to your customers, suppliers, or partners. Be careful in the event of a tax audit, especially if the cost of the bike is significant and you are already deducting a car.

In Accountable, you will find all the categories of business expenses relating to your bike under Vehicle > Bicycle or Electric Bike.

Antoine GennauxAntoine GennauxAccountant and M.D. of Gestalia

Expert’s advice

The deductibility is limited to the professional use of the bicycle, of course. If you use it every day, no problem. If you use it less often or find it difficult to prove exclusive business use, we advise you to limit business use to the actual use you make of it. Some self-employed people choose to hire a bike for strictly professional use via Swapfiets or Villo!

Check those related expenses that you could deduct tomorrow ✨

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