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Deduct computers, laptops, tablets and phones

Tax audit risk

Easiness to justify
Average amount deducted€ 2000-3000 per yearFrequency3-4x per year
Deducted by86% of independentsRecommended by0% of independentsDo you deduct this expense?Would you recommend this expense?

Maximize tech professional expenses

IT costs are generally an easy source for deductible expenses for independents in Belgium, regardless of their profession: indeed, the link with your professional activity is usually obvious and there are very few professions that can function without IT (you have to draw up invoices, answer calls from your customers, suppliers or prospects, etc.).

So you can go ahead and deduct the cost of buying your computer, your tablet (including iPad) or your phone.

Do you use your computer in both your private and professional life?

In this case, the VAT deductibility of ‘technological’ costs (e.g. computers, keyboards, screens, mice, cables, adapters, etc.) is capped at 75% maximum, regardless of the professional use (this is the tolerance given by the Belgian tax authorities under the name of ‘general flat rate’).
For personal income tax, the flat rate does not apply with the same severity: the deductibility must simply reflect the professional use of the equipment.

Accountable automatically limits the VAT deduction of such costs, if they are mixed, to 75%. You avoid any risk of a fine.

Lifetime and amortisation of IT purchases

IT purchases are generally expensive and their life usually spans over several years. For this reason, Belgian Tax Authorities require you to depreciate them over several years (e.g. 3 years).

In Accountable, these purchases are automatically depreciated, so that there is no risk of error (unless of course you decide to do otherwise).

Is it possible to deduct more than one phone at the same time?

Yes, it is possible, if you can justify the simultaneous use of both phones.
Software developers who need to test their applications on multiple platforms (Android vs iOS, Windows vs MacOS, etc.) are perfect example of such situations ⭐️

Christophe MeestersChristophe MeestersAccountant & Tax Advisor, founder of Meesters Accountants

Expert’s advice

💡 You only use the technology for your work or is it owned by your work? You deduct the expense for 100% for income tax as well as VAT. Careful, in case of in audit, you might need to prove that you only use if for work (so make sure there are no holiday pictures and only professional software on your computer).

Check those related expenses that you could deduct tomorrow ✨

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