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Deduct fines for your utility vehicle

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Fines are never tax-deductible

As a self-employed person, whether you are an individual or a limited company, you can only pay fines, not deduct them.

You will therefore never be able to deduct a fine for tax purposes, even if you receive it during your business or in the name of your company (for example, if the vehicle is registered in your company’s name).

There are two possible scenarios for payment:

  • If you pay a fine from your business account (as a self-employed individual or company), it will be included in your non-admitted expenses.
  • If you pay the fine from your personal account, it will not appear in your accounts.

VAT is even simpler: there is no VAT on fines.

Speeding, a driving offense in your commercial vehicle?
You pay the fine but don’t deduct it…

You can deduct a parking ticket for your utility vehicle

It’s important to distinguish between fines (e.g. for speeding) and parking charges, which apply, for example, when you forget to pay your parking meter.

These parking charges are fully deductible.

And for your van, if you deduct the parking charge, you can actually deduct 100% of it.


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