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General subcontracting

Tax audit risk

Easiness to justify
Average amount deducted€ 500-1000 per quarterFrequency5-8x per quarter
Deducted by95% of independentsRecommended by0% of independentsDo you deduct this expense?Would you recommend this expense?

In this case too, make sure the invoice is detailed enough
You do a lot yourself, but you can’t do everything yourself, so you occasionally subcontract a third-party.

You make these costs to support the growth of your business: you can deduct it!

Of course the invoice must clearly state the professional purpose of the subcontracting

🔎 In the case of real estate works, the co-contractor regime is compulsory when a contractor carries out real estate works on behalf of a client who is subject to periodic filing of VAT returns. In this case, the client self-assesses VAT (autoliquidation).

Check those related expenses that you could deduct tomorrow ✨

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