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Individual Pension Agreement

Tax audit risk

Easiness to justify
Average amount deducted750-850per yearFrequency1x per year
Deducted by95 % of independentsRecommended by0 % of independentsDo you deduct this expense?Would you recommend this expense?

This cost is deductible, but be sure to keep the 80% rule in mind.
As a self-employed professional in a company, you are allowed to deduct the premiums for your Individual Pension Agreement as a professional cost, if you do not exceed the 80% rule.

The 80% rule says that your legal and additional pension combined, may not be higher than 80% of your last ‘regular’ salary.

This is not always to calculate. Our friends from Easyvest came up with this neat and reliable calculator, that we can only recommend: here.

💡 It is possible to take additional guarantees on your IPA, such as extra insurance in the event of death or a disablement insurance.

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