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Deduct office & home meal deliveries

Tax audit risk

Easiness to justify
Average amount deducted€ 120-150 per monthFrequency4-5x per month
Deducted by22% of independentsRecommended by0% of independentsDo you deduct this expense?Would you recommend this expense?

You can deduct meal delivery costs on one simple condition

You’ll need to prove that you shared your meal ordered from Deliveroo, UberEats, or, with a customer, prospect, supplier, or colleague for the purpose of developing your business.

The location of delivery does not matter (your home office works), as long as you can justify the expense in this way.

Dates, therefore, play a role: deliveries to your home on a Friday or Sunday evening should be avoided. You’ve been warned 😉.

Is the deduction 50, 69, or 100%?

The deduction percentage is also sometimes debated: some accountants in Belgium classify deliveries as “restaurant expenses” and then deduct them at 69%, even though the meal is not taken in a restaurant.

At Accountable, we believe that if you invite a business partner or client to share a meal delivered to your place of work, you deduct the delivery at 50%, as a reception expense. Of course, you must always be able to prove the professional nature of the expense.

🔨 De delivery has to happen at your work space. So make sure you make a difference between living and workspace in your food delivery app.

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