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Art purchases are unfortunately not deductible in Belgium
An architect who buys and exhibits a work of art in his office will not be able to deduct the price of purchase from his turnover. The work does not constitute a deductible cost, because the work retains its value over time and therefore cannot be amortised.

There is, however, an exception for works made by artists living in Belgium that are permanently included in a professional building. Do therefore not choose paintings (that can be detached) and images (that can be moved) when looking for art…

Please note: the regulations are different in France.

💡 A donation or patronage? A donation is deductible as long as it fits the following four criteria: (i) the donation is made towards a recognised organisation, (ii) for a minimum amount of €40 and (iii) it's maximum 10% of their revenue (iv) without it being higher than €250.000. In case of art purchases, it's quite hard to prove that the artist is a recognised organisation, though. Donations to some non-profit organisations that fit the above mentioned criteria, on the other hand, are also deductible.

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