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Taxi and other Uber

Tax audit risk

Easiness to justify
Average amount deducted€ 100-200 per monthFrequency3x per month
Deducted by67% of independentsDo you deduct this expense?Would you recommend this expense?

Your second best option after public transport
You can deduct a taxi trip as long as, as always, you can prove the professional link: a taxi to the airport for a business trip is fine, a taxi back after dinner… does not work!

You get 75% back for income tax, 100% for VAT (if you have a valid invoice with your own VAT number).

Good news is that Uber is considered a taxi in terms of deductibility. The good thing? They can provide proper invoices…

🔨 The VAT is not deductible if these taxi fares are to be considered as reception costs.

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