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Deduct tea, coffee, and other snacks

Tax audit risk

Easiness to justify
Average amount deducted€ 50 per quarterFrequency3-4x per quarter
Deducted by59% of independentsRecommended by0% of independentsDo you deduct this expense?Would you recommend this expense?

You can deduct tea, coffee and snacks at the office

Do you eat snacks at the office? Those are 100% deductibles!
It’s wonderful news – except maybe for your diet 😉

Also perfectly deductible: tea, coffee, soups, cold drinks, and fruits, which you and your team enjoy at the office. Those might be even more helpful. Make good use of those deductions.

Always make sure to ask for an invoice with your business name and your VAT number to recover the VAT: this is why purchasing such items online might be a good idea. Up to you, coffee from the local roaster is also 👌.

What if you work from home?

You can also deduct tea, coffee, and all of the above but need to pay a tiny bit more attention: you need to prove those are NOT for your own consumption. Remember, supermarket purchases are rarely deductible.

As a consequence, if you have no staff or don’t invite clients, prospects or suppliers, these expenses for you alone are not deductible.

Wannes GrosemansWannes GrosemansAccountant and founder of 2UG Boekhouding Fiscaliteit

Expert’s advice

You have read it correctly, you can deduct the drinks you enjoy... at the office, during working hours. The same logic applies if your office is a home office as long as your team enjoys these drinks too.

Check those related expenses that you could deduct tomorrow ✨

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