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Deduct your travel fees

Tax audit risk

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Average amount deducted€ 1000-1500 per yearFrequency5-7x per year
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You can deduct the costs you incur to travel for business

As an independent in Belgium, travel expenses incurred for business purposes, such as attending meetings, conferences, or visiting clients, are deductible.

These expenses can include, among other reasonable expenses directly related to the business trip:

  • Train & plane tickets
  • Local transportation costs (e.g., train or bus tickets, mileage if using a personal vehicle)
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Entrance to conference or training facilities

To be able to deduct those expenses, you need to make sure that the trip is professional.

Visiting your friend living in Lisbon, Portugal, to “get inspiration” will not be sufficient to claim those deductibles: make sure you attend a local conference, visit a client or build a relationship with a supplier and be ready to show proof of the professional nature of your trip.

Only the day spent working will be deductible: activities and accommodation on weekends will generally be rejected as “personal expenses”. Also, if you travel with your family or partner, the cost of their trip will NOT be deductible: make sure you exclude their expenses from your deductible expenses.

Travel fees are a favorite of tax auditors in Belgium, you have been warned 😉.

Deducting “per diems”

The situation differs whether you are operating as a natural person (eenmanszaak or personne physique) or through a limited company (BV or SRL):

  • Company directors may be able to deduct “per diems”, a lump sum that covers e.g. your food and other expenses. This amount is defined by country (see here) and cannot be added to the “real expenses” incurred while travelling.
  • Natural persons will deduct the “real costs” that they incur as they travel. Make sure you keep the proofs, receipts, and invoices of your expenses to be able to deduct them. Per diems do not apply in Belgium.

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Christophe MeestersChristophe MeestersAccountant & Tax Advisor, founder of Meesters Accountants

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