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Deduct your wedding costs

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It is possible to deduct a part of your wedding costs as a professional expense

Incredible news but true ✨.

According to the jurisprudence, wedding expenses are tax deductible.
Those expenses are up to 50% tax deductible, as the other entertainment expenses (according to the Liège’s jurisprudence of 06/05/1992, Mons (18/04/1997) and Gent (17/06/2008 & 02/02/2010).

Be careful, only the professional part of the expense is deductible. You will have to prove it in case of tax audit.

What is the justification to deduct a part of your wedding as a professional expense?

You can deduct it as long you can prove that you incurred those costs to maintain or grow your business as an independent: in practice, it means that you invited some of your clients, suppliers and prospects and will deduct 50% of the expense relative to their specific invitation.

Make sure you maintain a list of the exact contacts, properly classified and ready to be discussed with an auditor in case of tax audit.

A simple invoice in your name, marked “Wedding”, will suffice – no need for special invoices.

What applies to weddings also applies to birthdays & other celebrations, with the exception of company parties.

You can apply exactly the same logic to birthdays or any other party to which you invite clients, suppliers or partners.

Company parties, including those to mark your 10-20-30 years of existence (and growth), are 100% deductible (all the details here).

In Accountable, you can save those expenses under Food & Drinks > Reception & canteen costs

Antoine GennauxAntoine GennauxAccountant and M.D. of Gestalia

Expert’s advice

Be careful, the administration doesn't like those expenses. It states that private entertainment and reception (i.e. weddings) can not persue, even partially, a professional use (QP 751 from 20.10.1993, QP from 24.11.1998 et QP 276 from 24.02.2004)... Be careful..

Check those related expenses that you could deduct tomorrow ✨

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